6 ways to save money when shopping!

Almost people often buy the things which are not really necessary. There are some benefitial tips which will help you to save money when you go shopping.

1. Have a check list – what you really need to buy.
Thist is the very first important thing. You can use a mobile app to do that easily. And when shopping, you must only find & buy things on the list, nothing else.

2. Set a budget

Set a budget before going shopping. This will help you know exactly how much you can spend. Never spend beyond your budget. Do not “Cost an arm an leg” is never redundant or out-of-dated.

3. Use Coupon/ Promotion Code

Almost online store have coupon/promotion code. You could try to google and find a coupon. Sometimes, It will surprisingly help you save a lot of money.

4. User membership card/ Loyality Card.
Some stores have membership card. You should register and apply anytime when you go out for shopping.

5. User Price Compare Site/Shopping Bots.
Before buying anything, use these sites to find out which store is selling with the cheapest price. Some popular ones include Froogle, BizRate, DealTime (Shopping.com), MySimon, PriceScan, PriceGrabber and Clickthebutton.com

6. Use Discount Sites / Bargain sites
There are alot of discount sites where you’ll find deals on everything. Try these in advance as well.

6 ways to save money when shopping!
6 ways to save money when shopping!