Who am I? and Why Gogothomas?

Hi there,

Thanks for your visiting. And do you want to know about me? Yes.

I am Thomas Bui. I am from Vietnam. In Vietnam, everyone called me “Thanh” – My Vietnamese Name. And this is my picture:



I graduated from Vietnam National Univerity specialized in Computer Science. I have had 7 year experience in Information Technology industry so far.

You can find my strength followings:

  • Technology (Eg: Web development, Mobile Development…)
  • UX & Product Design
  • Marketing Online, MMO.
  • Self Help & Productivity Hack.

Yes, certainly, such above things will be covered in  almost my posts. Hope you find it interesting and beneficial. LOL.

Last but not least, Why Gogothomas?

Please watch this video

I very like this cartoon series, and my name is Thomas, and this is the main reason :).

And have 1 more reason, When I say “Go go Thomas”, It’s always reminds me to keep moving forward.

Thanks for your time :). See you soon in another post!

Thomas Bui,

  • http://gogothomas.com Thomas

    The first comment! Go go Thomas!

  • ngocbinhls

    The second comment! Keep moving forward, Thomas ;))

    • http://gogothomas.com Thomas

      Hehe. Thanks.