Singapore 04.2016

Last week was the first time I went to Singapore and the first time I go to outside Vietnam also.

There are a lot of new things I hear and see. Here are some of them.

1. Changi Airport is huge. So you maybe have to walk 2-3 km to go to the boarding gate.
2. Singapore is very clean. You can walk anytime on the road don’t need gauze mask.
3. Almost people in Singapore is Chinese. And they can speak both English & Chinese.
4. Singapore food (Chinese food) is delicious.
5. MRT is great and so cheap. You can go go almost favorite places in Singapore with MRT.
6. Singapore is very expensive country. So save money anytime you can.
7. Singapore people is friendly & polite.

Because I am busy a bit when I stay at there, So I don’t have time to go around. Hope I can on another occasion when I come back.